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Reserve quantity by X++ code

Quick code snippet to reserve the quantity by X++

SalesLine locSalesline;

InventMovement inventmovement;

InventUpd_Reservation reservation;

inventMovement = InventMovement::constructNoThrow(locSalesline,InventMovSubType::None);

reservation = InventUpd_Reservation::newinventdim(inventMovement, InventDim::find(InventDimReserveFrom),-1*inventqty, false);


AX 2012, Development, Dynamics AX

How to Save SysLastValues on the form

you may find some instances where you want to save some additional data on the form a user. Following example shows how you can implement this coding pattern to save last values on the form.

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  1. Identify the list of┬ávariables┬áthat you want to save with user’s Usage data.
  2. Implement following code
    public class FormRun extends ObjectRun{

    str x;






    public void initParmDefault(){


    x= “DEFAULT”;


    public dataAreaId lastValueDataAreaId(){

    return curext();


    public userId lastValueUserId(){

    return curuserid();


    public UtilElementType lastValueType(){

    return UtilElementType::Form;


    public identifiername lastValueElementName(){return;}
    public identifiername lastValueDesignName(){return element.args().menuItemName();}
    public boolean unpack(container packedClass){int version = RunBase::getVersion(packedClass);;switch (version){case #CurrentVersion:[version,#CurrentList] = packedClass;

    return true;


    return false;


    return false;


    public void init(){super();// xctrl.text(“DEFAULT”);xSysLastValue::getLast(element);}
    public void run(){super();if(x)xctrl.text(x);// sxctrl is a string control on the form.}
    public container pack(){

    return [#CurrentVersion,#CurrentList];


    public void close(){


    x= xctrl.text();