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Quick Dialog to take user entered parameters without dilaogable class creation

Following job uses dialog class to take parameters from user and run the job

static void UserParamSample(Args _args)

wmslocationID     wmslocationID;

str                           palletstoRAF;

dialog          dlg = new dialog();

 dialogField     dlgPalletIDs,dlgwmslocation;

 dlgPalletIDs = dlg.addField(typeid(ItemFreeTxt),”Container number”,”Enter pallet Ids seperated by commas”);
dlgwmslocation = dlg.addField(typeid(wmslocationid),”Location”);





palletstoRAF = dlgPalletIDs.value();

wmslocationid = dlgwmslocation.value();

//Run the Job



AX 2012, Development

Dynamics AX 2012 connect to Visual studio online , Team Foundation Server

With Visual Studio Online, Now you can have your project data on cloud and accessible anywhere. if you are a MSDN subcriber then you can start on VS online today by clicking here. Else you start a trial here .

How to connect to visual Studio online :

With a simplistic scenario when no Branching is setup below are the steps to follow.

1. Create a Team project in your VS online

At the home page of your VS online create new team project by choosing a suitable process template.

Create a Team Project

Create a Team Project

2. Add members to the project using manage members

Add members

3.  Go to AX client and configure TFS as version control for AX

Enable Version control in AX.

Enable TFS in AX.

Enable TFS in AX.

Setup VS online site , make sure that you follow the same pattern with port number etc. else it doesn’t get connected.

Setup TFS online

Setup TFS online