Management Reporter 2012 – AX 2012 R3 – Error creating building block

There is a system exception  System.InvalidOperationException when POSTINGTYPE column in the MAINACCOUNT table of the MicrosoftDynamicsAX database, not matching “LedgerPostingType” baseEnum in the AOT.

If you do find a mismatch, you will need to re-create the DataMart after fixing it.  Here are the steps to re-create the DataMart:


A. Close all instances of MR and back up the MR database.

B. Start the Configuration Console and click on the integration under ERP Integrations.

C. Click the Disable Integration button and wait a moment for that to take effect.

D. Click the Remove link in the top-right.

E. Stop the MR services at the top level of the Configuration Console and then delete the DDM database from SQL.

F. In the Configuration Console, start the MR services and then click File -> Configure and deploy a new DDM integration.

G. Enable the integration and wait for the initial load to complete. It will be complete when the second line from the top changes to a date/time stamp.